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Suncity -WING TREAT 26 th aug

New sem starts and a new beginning new hopes and a new feeling and determination to do better than the previous sem. Oh come on whom m i trying to fool NEW SEM begins a lots of birthdays in the vacations and few foreign pts few other things to rejoice and BINGO we got enff cash to do a wing treat yes my frnds WING TREAT the second most pleasing words wat u can hear in IIT first one definitely is AA although that faces stiff competition from the word BABE.
OKies so this time we decided to keep the venue SUNCITY no 5 star buffets this time since we were running a bit low on the cash department moreover most of the guys had better palns then just to eat and that means hard core booze Booked the rooftop of SUNCITY left the hostel on bikes at arned 8:30 and before the rain gods showered their blessings on the sleezy streets of mumbai at 9 :15 we were safe inside the hotel . OKies i have never been to this place before but heard a lot abt it really economical and good service and when i saw the place i was convinced tht my fellas were not wrong.We already asked for a music system so i burnt a cd before leaving the hostel consisting all the kool songs some hard core metal grunge n hip hop to desi gaane like dilli ki sardi. Now simce here we ordered a buffet so food was out of concern the starters were served and so was the case with the booze.

TIME check 9:45 pm everybody one peg down the music is LOUD and the floor was vibrating the things started to get a bit nasty as people started dancing oh wait a sec tapping on the floor.
MUSIC : smells like teen spirit wat else can be better to start the day off the woofers were balsting and my head already started feeling tht gyrating feeling which u feel after a carzy ride.

TIME check 10:15 pm well at this time most of the guys including me were running on their second glass but the race winners SHOOO, GUPTA infact even sandy were doing bottoms up on their third peg and were roaming arnd the bartender to get that extra large fourth one too.Now this was HIP HOP and fusion bahngra time songs like " kala chasma" " SHUT UP " "kangna" were rocking the rooftop and we were danicing out like carzy brats .
MUSIC : SHUT UP .Black eyed peas

TIME check 10:45pm by this time every body was ...FUCK THIS now no had the account of how much he drank everyone was on the dance floor This was killer time LIMP BIZKIT METALLICA PEARL JAM one after the other METAL PUNk everything was coming out of the speakers we guys made a mosh pit hell lot of HEAD BANGING morshing pulling jumping right in the middle we were hitting eac other so hard the hotel people got scared a bit :P. ( later i talked toi tht bartender he told me whenver IIT junta comes in they are on their toes coz they always break things or create hell lot of chaos.) well thts in our nature tht we can't help.

TIME 11:15 pm onwards we had to lower the music coz of the new rules of no loud music after 11 pm so now the music was on at a lower decible level. Now came the msoit interesting part of any DAARU party
THE VICTIMS ( men with the GOLDEN mouth...... those guys in which this divine drink induces a strange power or strength tht they can bug anyone) :-

FEW KEY PLAYERS among the 17 sinners

THE SHOW STOPPER : - yes the most prestigious award for the guy who made other people feel like stabbing him to death the man who bugged the most and made sure everyone got a part of it .
PUT UR HANds together it goes to LAPPOO. yes this guy being a DUAl degree student got senti tht inhis last year he is going to be all alone and he wil miss the rest of subzero fellas and they are gonna forget hima n on n on n on. Thsi guy was crying at the top of his voice trying to make sense out of useless crap.

THE VICTIM : - this is the guy who is intoxicated to the core the DAARU did some weird things to his nervous system n by the time he ws 7 pegs down standing still or walking was a mammoth task for this GUY total out subah utha to kuch yaad nahin ki kal raat ko kay hua.
HERE it is my friend whose hand was burnt a glass piece pierced thru it but nuhtin cud keep him away from his glass yes he is the ONE N ONLY GANDHI

SENTAP KA KANTAP :- yes this is another guy who gets senti buy seein tht other people are senti its like a back reaction when lappoo was crying and we were taking care of him so he felt neglected or watever do he also started crying so tht we care for him too we did but eventually lappoo was the main concern : EVEn wehen we came back this guy was crying and still tryin to get some attention some of hsi dialogs were GUPTA mere bahi hai usse phone do, koi bahi ko bhi bhoolta hai kya n blah n blah n blah..........

THE PUKER : 6 is the count yes thts the number of pukes he did last night few came naturally others were forced by inserting his fingers down his throats. This is the MR AASHIQ of our wing anshu aka SHO aka BHA#WA.

THE TANK : 8 pegs down still pouring in everything wat was coming near to his mouth and when we walked out he said aaj do teen peg aur hote to main out ho jata yes this is the TANKI SANDY .

THE NO NO GUY :- MUNNA pehle to main daaru nahin peeonga agar signature nahin hai to main na peene wala Now this guy walks in phir to jo samnne sab andar baad mein when i was giving neat rum then also nahin laddoo aur nahin but har baar sab kcuih andar .

The POOR GUYS : this is a very small clan of non drinkers one guy gave up drinking two nevr tried n another was holding back till he drank arnd 90 ml of neat rum in one shot . PONDY chodu and kox. they were the spectators of the whole game

The survivor : YEs this is a new category since every one was trying his level best to get this guy in the zone by convinving him in HAZAAr ways to drink more n more but this guy in a very smart way fooled evryone and kept himself to a peg or two . THIS IS PAPPu the HARAMIII of the wing.

The GENERAAL JUNTA : well these are the guys who had their share of drinks but they knew their limits and were either under drunk or they hit the sweet spot.JANGALE, HILAYE robin me junta and all were the sharin candidates

THE LEADER : - IT got to be the only person before i say anything u all are screaming hsi name yes JUNTA the organizer from arranging the money to clearin the bills this guy did all

BEEN there DONE tht : GOne are the days when DAARU used to intoxicate him now he drinks it like water 8 9 the number is futile tht never makes a diff . KAL HE was saying abe LADDOO yaar ab mujhe WITHOUT DOPE chadti hi nahin hai . GOD knwo where and when he is gonna stop .

THE KILLER : - Yeah i knwo THE Bartender is more appropriate but lets face it this is my blog and i will give myself a cool name.:P. SO at arnd 12:30 we all were out and the general acts of sentis drinkin pukes were over BUT just at tht momenbt i saw the Almost 3/4th of the rum was still left so a thought came to my mind i started making my own dessert TOOK icecreams and rassgullahs and added NEAT RUM to it . I tasted it myself and the next thought wat came to my mind was ab aage main ek baar bhi isse nahin kha raha sirf logogn ko kahilounga. WOrds like " pla yaar ek aur ..:" " chal yeh wala mere naam par " ...yeh dosti ka were coming out of my mouth my hands were running and people were having this neat rum . I FINISHED the whole bottle yes the 3./4th rum although next mornign i had to hear all kind of GAALIs for this GRAET act .

LAST PIC when lappoo was senti and SHO was out

CHALO YAAR finally nice treat we are palnning to do it again after mid sems

We came back at arnd 1:30 am and after tht wing ki normal masti n back to sleep .

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