Thursday, September 29, 2005

29th sept

Today is Shooo's B'DAY well he had his share of BUMPS last night to which I too contributed quite a lot.
But BAD day for me a bad start at present 9:30 am is the time and i m sittin in front of a comp in LAppoo's room. Reason being i was thrown out of the class by Prof. MAllik.
I was sleeping in the class and he asked me to leave and like a good student i followed his orders. I m sad not because i was asked to leave but coz he got hold of my roll no.
When u sleep at 4 in the night wake up at 8:15 rush to the department w/o having ur breaker and then DASH thru the corridors so tht you can make it up b4 8:30 in the class room so tht u don;t miss tht most CHERISHED attendance , SLEEPINESS comes in package.
Its hard to keep up to the boring heuristics of chemical design and i always thought Prof Mallik is smart enuff to understand tht.
Well its not like i never sleep in the class its just tht today i was caught. Prof MAllik shud understand the basic fact tht at any time even if i m not sleepin in the class then also I m not contributing to any proceedings of the lecture. Most of the time i m either joking arnd solving Su -Doku , going thru the newspaper or planning a new move of BSF. Well tht almost defines my activities in the class.
This is the second time this has happened last time the person in charge was Prof Preeti aghalayam.I don;t blame myself the course was chemical kinetics and any Human soul can fall a prey to the deadly combo of kinetics and Prof preeti.
Well wats the point of being sad abt anything its just the begining of the day and i"ll figure out a way to make up for my bad start . To start off with i m going back to sleep so tht i don't feel the same in the afternoon lectures.

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