Sunday, January 08, 2006


i know this pic has no significance to anything but its and eye catcher n i LOVE IT
( this is lastyear's pic just b4 UEFA finals merged by one of my blog frnd ....she is crazy abt liverpool)
Sounds a bit interesting tht I m posting abt new year on 8th jan but believe me it was a tough week full of surprises and lucrative results Well to start off on 31st night none of us had any plans to enjoy or celebrate coz none of us had any reason to cheer abt but then came the bomber JOSHI got placed in webaroo.. BIG NEWS with a heavy pay check and a job with full of oppurtunities he sure was on cloud#9. So what we all did we all went over to celebrate ....nice dinner heavy boozing and then we all came back to our wing n again boozing.
Now came the big day 2nd jan was the day CAT results were going to b declared obviously there was no sleep in my eyes on 2nd Jan night. I knew i screwed up badly in cat n under performed
12:30 no results yet..... people were yelling on evry possible forum in the world i was also tense but no i wasnt spamming anywhere.
12:50 suddenly i got thru IIMC site i entered my roll no. n BANG I was in 13th march is the day of my interview.
I jumped so high i thought i will crash with the cieling n then i yelled at the top of my lungs i ran in the wing only to see munna responding to my ROAR he came out of his room and he knew i was in..
then one after the other the whole wing came to congratulate me .
4 :00 AM the only other result out was bangalore by this time n i was in bangalore too...A se no ho gaya then i gave up hope n slept.
WOke up at 8 not much sleep in my eyes ..
i got to K site i was not selected but tht hardly bothered me coz by this time i had no worries only one left was indore then I came at 11 n i was in ..
then strange thing happened suddenly i was selectded in K ....the site had some kinda malfunction earlier.

So final call stands at BLCKI.....its going to be really interesting how the GD /Pis gonna end.

To add to the excitement of new year JUNTA got thrU L n K finally subzeros are kickin some serious ass.



NiSha said...

well am really bad at writting..i really ways..well done doode...well deserved!! n efforts r truly paid...go higher n higher n reach d sky..n yah all d best for Gd n PI..(wid Lub..Nisha)

Ankit said...

well thnks a ton :)
I will suggest if u wanna write smthing just start i thought the same way now i enjoy blogging

Anks said...

c'mon man u desrved it. go ahead n convert these calls o else i'll convert u into a no-use.