Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Worst TVCs :)

LUX --SRK ..... Some thought it a brave attempt others a blunder. Well In india SEX N SRK SELLS but unfortunately people who believed this had to reconsider the saying when SRK went bare chested in a tub filled with rose petals. He def crossed the thin line of being a metrosexual. One of the most controversial ad of all time.LUX which was considered as a status symbol among the leading ladies of silver screen got everything wrong with this one.
TATA INDICOM---GANGULY.... IF you thought days of BABA SEHGAL rap are over think again coz DADA was doing some shaddy rap
himself wearing dark glasses and a stupid cap DADA was looking a clone of early nineties baba sehgal's rap video. To add to this mumbo jumbo there was the irritating rap in the breathless style which by any means can be considered as a torture

National EGG corporation :- SACHIN, AGARKAR, KAMBLi , JAFAR n KUMBLE all having their breakfast then comes the sudden earthquake tremors at regular intervals. They move out only to watch a child doing bowling practice.
I still find it difficult to relate this whole thing to an egg.How come people can make a mess of such a good resource.

Masti condoms: Oh my god!! No one can stand this one, this is one area which is always on the public radar in INDIA.But this ad wins the irritating ad award by miles. WAGLE sahab describing about the new generation how it has changed then comes two shaddy models doing some college campus fun . BUt the shock value comes right in the end when he says "MASTI SAMAJHTE HAI NA AAP" ........wat more shall i say.

VICCO VAJRADANTI :- Some arbit female running in a garden suddenly sees a red apple she asks her bf to get it for her.Then comes the old grandpa displaying his strenght on a sugarcane.VICCO had this typical ad running for years. The jingle which still echoes in our ears VICCO TURMERIC nahin COSMETIC ....wateva it is gimme a break.

VIP FRENCHIE:- "DREAMING ABT ME ??" A women molested by a grp of hoodlums and comes a FRENCHIE MAN as her savior . Yes u got it .The think tanks of VIP frenchie are really talented people each time u think they reached their rock bottom they defy us all and come up with a campaign worse than the previous one. The latest one is about three chics wearing helmets and having binauculars in their hands...and yes it is also equally bad.

RELIANCE kar lo duniya muthi mein : RELIANCE launched the mobile network and lots of expectations were there . THen comes in the creepy ad where 6 runs are needed of the last ball( OMG wat an original idea) and then sehwag gets a call and he hits a sixer. The whole nation was laughing and reliance def made a fool of themselves."SEHWAG KI MA...."

: Salman carrying out some show on a beach HE IS SHIRTLESS( u gueesed it right) but here is the bomber he is BALD and wearing some cheap lockets and stuff. He is giving GYAN abt being smart or matured if u drink THUMBS UP n u are a kid if u drink pepsi. WAT A JERK.

...inka ilaaj goliyan nahin ayurveda hai. I hope those irritating monster of KABJ SIRDARD died on the spot after the lightning struck them coz if they didnt die of tht they wud have died anyhow after watching this ad go on air. JAMNAGAR wale SHRESTHA BROTHERS made up a mess of a kayam choorna

SONA CHANDI Chawanprash: I admire one thing about the sona chandi people after the other the marketing teams comes up with an ad worse than the previous one still these guys keep on pouring money in bringing the best people to endorse this POWER PASTE. Saurav Ganguly . Sunny Deol n now SRk .well the celebs may change but the ads are never attractive.


luv said...

nice one be....
how did u remember all those 8-10 yrs. old AD...:-O
(kahin google search ka kaamal to nahi :P)

Ankit said...

Google search nahin but haan i started writing this blog 3-4 days back. So i tried to recollect all the old ones.

Anvesha said...

EERRRRR....not that cool.....u cud have picked some "intresting worst ads"...!!

Ankit said...

oh yeah!!! Okies if u think those are not the worst ones ..then gimme some other examples.

Anonymous said...

i think the latter ip frenchie ad featured model 'Randeep Arya'who would later marry Deepti Bhatnagar