Saturday, January 14, 2006

My first GD/PI class

Okay so it was time to face the music, after missing the opening lecture of TIME because of the IOCL interview (which ended in a sad note) i was determined not to miss this one.
Now TIME guys are very good at one thing and that is "QUOTING NUMBERS" u can find their banners and irritating pop ups everywhere 700 students selected 2300 calls n blah blah.
But to my surprise their one of the most sucessful centre bombay had very lil to offer.
Me n Junta both guys charged upo had our lunch got onto BEST BUS NO 424 and reached the andheri centre.
After waiting for 10 mins one guy walks up to us and asks us to go to some BOOTA HIGH SCHOOL. Now u can imagine the state of this high school after listening its name "BOOTA SINGH" but u got to be there to see how bad a high school can be.
Wateva i never expected an ampitheatre so i hardly gave it a damn.
But the best part was just after this .....after we occupied our seats i took a look around only to see everyone around us was a working guy. Its tough to diffrentiate but still you can make out this point. I was intimidated by the presence of those guys around me I thought They will butcher me in any GD.
But things went on pretty smooth i did a fair enufff job in my GD n later on 4 more IIT guys came in so the enviroment became a bit frndly.
BIGGEST SURPRISE:---- TCS I thought have some setting with CAT authorities every second guy there was frm TCS i dunno how do these guys make it but yes this is wat i observed.

In the end the start was good i hope it develops better ahead .....

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