Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Best TVCs (desi) :- My pic

Bajaj :- Riding high on BULAND BHARAT KI BULAND TASVEER ...HUMARA BAJAJ. The sure shot dowry item of late 70s n 80s.Bajaj made a transition and entered into the bike world but Humara Bajaj campaign was a sure shot winner in every term. A master blend of modern india and tradition.

DHARA --JALEBI AN instant hit the cuteness the innocence of a child blended together with the mother's food brilliant thts what it was. An ad so simple in idea yet so moving. RAMU KAKA bringing back the child and the way the kid smiles " JANA TO HAI" ....haan magar bees pachees saal baad ..

KYA AAP CLOSE UP KARTE HAIN A fresh new strategy using the old style music to convey the age old method. Toothcare evolved great deal over the years from tumhare daant to motiyon ki tarah chamakte hain to new age 2 in 1 gels n stuff. Its one of the most competitive area and close ups attempt was a real cracker in all respect.

National Literacy Mission : Yeah that inevitable ad which used to air evry day on DD National at 8:30 pm, but its a true master piece hitting and appealing to the masses delivers its message in the best possible way and the beautiful voice singing JAGI HAR SUBAH FAILA UJIYALA....

PEPSI Pepsi and Coke both lead and try tooutshine each other with their every new slogan and TVC but the first campaign of Pepsi in india was a rocking cult statement."YAHI HAI RIGHT CHOICE BABY!! AHA" yes remo fernandes leading a crwod and it marked the begining of the liberal INDIA.

Cadbury's dairy milk ---- KYA SWAD HAI ZINDAGI MEIN
Mix romantic emotions with cricket what do you get?? A true winner yes six runs for the century everyone in the stadium is praying and its a sixer. A beautiful female runs down the stadium right in the middle of the pitch. who is not moved by this ad..

AIRTEL EXPRESS YOURSELF......hitting hard on emptions using words like NEGOTIATE ..CONFESS ... CONSPIRE .... BE HEARD. SHOT in B&W
it touches ur heart Airtel came with this fantastic campaign and is still cashing out on this one... the latest one ends with a line AASMAN JHUK JAYEGA TUMHARE AAGOSH MEIN CHAHAT KI BAAHEIN FAILA KE TO DEKHO.

LYRIL Yes another cult TVC we all know what to expect out of a lyril ad young beautiful girls in their late teens or early twenties exotic waterfall, green skimpy dress yet the freshness is always there. Many Lyril Models making it big later on just ads to the commercial valur of lyril.

FEVICOL Truly Indian ad the locations the people they all represent a common man let it be the RAJASTHAN"S TRUCK or the chicken in the kitchen or let it be the zor lagake haisha campaign the message is always hidden yet loud and clear.

ADIDAS A sports ad what better than having sachin in it but he is everywhere so whats difference its the adidas touch which makes it so special a grand feel about the ad ..... the kind of persona sachin has, has been given justice.The whole nation stops as sachin hits the ball over the ropes.

MastercardNot truly indian but so is mastercard its global and the feel of the ad def gives you that message. FOr everything else mastercard is there the way of conveying the message has changed and evolved over the years but the bottomline remains the same.

AMUL let it be UTTERLY BUTTERLY DELICIOUS AMUl ...or the taste of INDIA campaign AMUL hits the right node evrytime we all loved it as a kid and enjoyed it the cute animation the polka dress and the great depiction of white revolution. Amul does it the best way.

DHOODH DHOODH DHOODH One of the most hip hop ad of all time the cut shots brilliant editing and masterful use of slow motion n animation. All the models were young fresh n represented MODERN INDIA. the jingle was very catchy. you cant miss this one.

Fido DIDO Loved and adored by all one of the premiere animated character which rocked the world when made its debut in india was an instant hit. The curly hairs the loose shorts the lousy tees n long thin legs Fido dido appealed to the masses.

JAN GANA MANA This one deserves an standing ovation TVCs at its best BHARATBALA productions celebrating indias 50 year of independence when the most eminent musical personalities came together to master the tune which lies in our hearts.

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