Sunday, January 08, 2006


YES me n JUNTA got calls from IIM the whole wing is happy ....offcourse they are coz now they know there is going to be FREE KI DAARU and KHANA.
SO people start doing some souls searching and look for a venue. there is a new palce in RMALL they server 190 ka picther and 120 ka large pizza .....sounds like heaven to me.
People say BEER IS the LIFE DRINK for ENGG i dont totally disagree with them in fact for me too beer is the best form of alcohol man has ever created.
So the wing heads on to POP TATES
the place is kool but in my opinion too mcuh of lights the music was slow but it got to be coz its a family place ...... all the hip hop music was going on.
The food was good and the place was fun but the real fun was the company the whole wing was sitting together talking joking around.
then we all came back to our wing ...EK VODKA ka khamba n thodi si sprite ...started off pretty well then sprite ended then came the FLAMING SHOTS.....
THEY SCREWED it up my whole body the burning vodka do amazing things to your brain ..
i am not feeling like writing anything more so bbye

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