Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Its over!!!

Eeeenhaaa!!! Today is 5th of june my summer internship ended officially on 1st of june but I m still here sitting in my office trying to look busy but the reality is I m searching for the profiles of this year’s Miss Universe contestants. The reason behind this delay for the first time in my life is not me J. Its my guide, apparently he doesn’t have much time to sit thru my presentation and I don’t blame the poor chap he has been pretty busy.
Well I know as a summer intern you really don’t work but atleast the basic reason why m I here is the PPO( pre placement offer) and these people are not even interested in me. But I have lowered my expectations right from the moment I came in. I have already convinced myself thinking “ main bhooka nahin marunga koi na koi company to mujhe bhi le hi legi” and agar wahan bhi kuch nahin hua to main apne bachpan ka sapna poora karunga and I will open a juice shop or a good restaurant in Mumbai.
Well this is not the first time in my life I have been neglected the girls of my school, my college, my college professors they all have been ignoring me for all my life. But after coming to this place I actually felt like I will do something substantial but lets face it tusar kapoor cant act no matter how much money his fat sister pumps in and I cant work no matter how much I think. I have done it all in the last two months bunked office and watched movies, slept in the office used office phone to call up my frnds and had a chat with them for hours.
My project report is on Equipment Finance and mark my words when I say this I myself wont recommend any soul on this planet to follow my recommendations unless he is my sister’s maid (she used to cook horrible food and I guess this will be my way of revenge).
But then as I look back lets face it summers are for fun. I am not talking about those guys of a typical B school whose all the daily activities are governed by the fact that whether this will be a good resume point or not , for many don’t-know-don’t-care kinda people it’s easy cash and lotsa time to enjoy.
In the meantime it started raining in Bombay and I dunno why rains have special effect on people especially on couples it somehow motivates them to do stuff publicly jisse agar shiv sainikon ne dekh liya to they will catch the couple and unki wahin shaadi kara de.
“ No pandit! No Agni! Seedha Vivah sutra ka bandhan” ( okay I have been watching lotsa hindi movies lately..)
I will be leaving tomorrow and agar mera plane hi jack nahin hua ya bomb nahin fata to I will reach Calcutta by 7:30 pm tomorrow. Three people are desperately waiting for me in Calcutta .. my canteen wala, my dhobi and my Bike. First two people because I owe them money and well my bike because kafi dino se woh aise hi khadi hogi with nobody to look after her. You see everybody feels lonely after sometime.
On the other hand I m also pretty excited to get back to campus the incentives are many.. first new junior females will be coming in second I will be moving into a new room and third well the junior females will be coming inJ
Well I really wanna go back not because I hate the food in Bombay which is so difficult to find in the first place but because I miss all my friends. Its strange that you don’t realize how important friends are in one’s life but only after staying away from them one can feel the difference. There comes a time in everybody’s life where your craziness your doubts can no longer be tolerated by your family and then your friends jump in. I miss them all and want to see them .........................


Priyankari said...

Congrats that ur summers over and welcome back to Cal. Nice sweet post!

echo said...

hi! liked ur candidness..but summer internship wid ur coll frends is a lot of fun!!

Kumar Dosi said...

You wite more funnier than you were in IITB! LOL after a busy working day. Hehe, you are getting somewhere better at least in IIM :-P.
Don't worry about jobs. Work teaches you to work and to be good. That's my experience.
All the best for your placements.

Anu said...

hehe...I also miss my frnds and want to see them ...college days are sacchi gr8!

Anu said...

wot happened? no new post ? is blog ko medicines do bhai tabiyat kharab hai !