Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan

Woosh … I wanted to start off this post with oh and you thought I was dead and I left blogging but no crazy-ass-punk I m not .. but that joke has been dragged to death just like dev anand’s directorial career. So plain and simple I will get down to the topic for which I blog and that is me and my life.

It’s been 6 weeks since I started my internship and even though you are a MBA student with one of the most promising career ahead, as a summer intern my contribution to the whole HSBC is less than the copier machine kept in the alley. When I say that, its not only my case I mean leave aside the Big buck earning Investment bankers whose income slip will look like the budget of some shahrukh khan’s blockbuster or Consultants who has got a frequent flyer number of three airlines … the situation is pretty much the same everywhere. Summer interns have got very little work to do. But then you cant leave your desk after all If you are not working doesn’t mean people should get to know that you are not working. So I just stay in here sit on my chair sip a cup of coffee and read every damn thing available on net.
I have been reading lotsa blogs on net and there are blogs on marketing, politics, humour I mean even if Simi gerewals doggy gets violated by a stray dog you can find that info on a blog, but I write about my life and my experiences. Call me a self obsessed narcissist but point is nobody talks about me except my mom and Mohan da( my canteen wala jisska do mahine ka bill maine nahin diya). So I just want to pen down these things so that in future main apne bachon ko bata sakoon dekho bachon aise they tumhare papa. To kya hua ki now I m a bald guy with a belly which looks almost like a spalding basket ball, I had my share of fun too.

These two weeks will be gone in sometime and I will get back to joka but Mumbai experience has been pretty much fun. I have spent lots of quality time with close friends and had lots of fun. It’s a different state of affairs when you have to stay all alone. Unlike an hostel I don’t have a dhobi here, who used to come to my room take away all the dirty clothes and come back with a smile and stack of clean clothes washed n ironed. That six foot dark man with moustaches of jeetender style seems like angel to me now. Or the Asif bhai of my mess whose never ending efforts to make me a fish eater went down the drain seems like god to me. There are basic pleasures of life which I miss the most in here. Since I got a company laptop which takes up as much time to start up as A K hangal will take to finish a marathon, I cant listen to music too…L

One of the biggest problem is the food trouble. Kuch din pehle tak St. Xavier hostel( the place where I m staying) ki mess was on to no trouble but ab it has been closed. Its difficult to find a place to live in Mumbai but it is equally tough to find good and cheap food in Bombay. I am sick and tired of eating vada pav and pav bhaji. Whenever I hear pav my facial expressions show a close resemblance to rakhi sawants expressions when she was kissed by Mika.

Well to be honest I love Bombay and because of few basic facts this city teaches you how to survive, how to think big, how to dream, how to win a race and how to keep fighting even when you are down. This summer experience has been great I have matured as a person and the best thing was all the great moments I had with my friends here. There are moments I just want to keep in my memory forever and that is why I am writing this down so that it stays there for all my life …..


Priyankari said...

Nice and humorous post again!!
Ya, we start liking things wen we miss them...but its gud u're njoying in mumbai too!

Vikas said...

good one buddy.So u are enjoying in mumbai !
Its city which gives u a lot but if u get some what weak or loose then this is the city which takes everything from you :)
Beware !

Take Care

Lust4Life said...

Hiiii Ankit,

Thanks 4 ur visit @ Lust4Life :)

I liked ur style of blogging : U write about ur life and ur experiences. Amazing ! Thatz exactly wat v both hav in common.

U seem to be in love with Mumbai, thatz fantastic. U r a survivor.
I somehow scared of visiting Mumbai, never been b4. I hate crowd, traffic n too much of pollution. Blore is jus fine 4 me.

Vl be back to read ur other posts.


amit said...

Liked the way you wrote. There is s frankness in your writing as well as humour.

ketki said...

wow.........that was funny!

Shruti said...

HI dear, i came here from Vikas's blog..
Great to knwo ur experiences in Mumbai..
Well, mumbai as alwasy said a city of dreams will defiently fulfill ur dream too..
Take care..