Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So whats the point?

So what if Aap ka Suroor is a hit, so what Abdul Kalam was not relected, so what Dev anand is still producing movies, so what ram gopal verma is making a mess of sholay God still exists J and so do I.
A lot happened while I was away from this place. My mid terms of 4th term got over, I met all of my friends after long time, one old friend paid me a visit and Shivaji got released. I miss writing but seriously it’s kinda difficult to take out time from my busy schedule of watching movies, treats and sleeping. But then one thing which comes as a package with MBA is time management so I m also learning it. I peacefully manage 9-10 movies in a week, two or three visits to the city and 1-2 night outs that too at the expense of only bunking 1-2 lecture per week.
Since I m no Amitabh Bachan who has the liberty of changing his profession anytime, I had to come back to calcutta to finish off the crime I started 1 year ago. Calcutta is still the same, slow and humid. Before coming to kolkata I had lots of misconceptions but then I faced some realities of life, No matter how is it prepared fish curry is still not tasty, All the bong beauties are either in Bombay trying for movies or they exist only in books and finally Kolkata is not a metro by any means. But then I have faced the truth, made all the compromises and adjusted, I wonder when Tussar Kapur is gonna do that, dude take it just coz your father knew how to jump doesn’t mean his non existing acting genes are inherited by you.
Thankfully HSBC people sent me my summer internship money. I started having doubts whether that money will ever reach me or it is gonna be money of tsunami relief fund which exists only in papers. Waise bhi looking back at the kind of work I did there I doubt it ki whether I deserved it or not. In my opinion the HR guy must have thought kuch charity hi kar dete hain and that’s how I got my money.
This money came in at a very right time… Since I have been having lotsa fun lately and as the basic law of physics says” Anything which is fun costs you atleast 300 bucks” to add to that since my father doesn’t own an oil well or a Darru ka adda my monthly expenses are limited. My atm withdrawal slip looks similar to the monthly grocery list made by my mummiji. The list never ends and my father’s worries become almost equal to that of saurav ganguly’s.
But my parents have got bigger things to worry like who will be the next husband of Tulsi, will UP improve, whether the real estate prices of Bhopal rise and yeah If you got a son like me you really don’t need many other reasons to stay worried. My parents are still trying their level best to convince me to study by paying the senti card ki” beta ab sirf kuch hi din bache hain student life ke, padh le”. But since I m little more smart than Mayawati and slightly better sweet talker than Rakhi Sawant I always escape this whole conversation.
In the end Life has been a jolly ride since the start of this year and I have been enjoying a lot. But at the same timeI m afraid and scared to leave this place. I just wish my life goes on like this forever …….


dintoons said...

hahaha, sounds like a fun life!great writing...and funny too! :D

and thanx for your visit! will keep checking your blog for more fun stories, take care,

Anu said...

"But at the same timeI m afraid and scared to leave this place. I just wish my life goes on like this forever ……. " ...samepinch !!
dont u think dat ppl like us who are so scared of studying and also smart enough to pass every other xams r more scared of leaving thz fun places n frnds n actually work ! as usual a refreshing read :p

Suresh said...

wassup dude? hope u r also doing things different 4m wat u write in da blog!

Pranay said...

Spoken like a real student!!! Felt so good hearing something like this. Was wondering if I am abnormal.
Hell yeah!

Kalyan said...

Yes, Kolkata sucks big time when you are neither Art-and-Culture aficionado nor passionate about fish. Hot girls are a rare breed by the standards of Delhi or Mumbai or even Pune and Chandigarh. But in case you manage one, I bet Kolkata is cheapest when it comes to dating a HOTTIE. Try it out !!!

And yes, thanks for dropping by and giving encouragement. (^_^)

Anonymous said...

Its really fun to read your blogs.they r always nice and enjoyable. SO when can i expect the next one

Adarsh said...

maa baat to bilkul sahi kehti hain... "padh le beta... phir kahan mauka milega"
Itne din out of touch rehne ke kaaran I am guessing that u r in IIMC .... which is very nice place.
apan log 2 baar aaye hain wahan.... Carpedium mein.
lage raho.... jai MBA :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I wish you all the best. Sometimes, life treats us really well, doesn't it?

Very interesting article, I especially like,
"I miss writing but seriously it’s kinda difficult to take out time from my busy schedule of watching movies, treats and sleeping" ---I bet, hehe

Princess Banter said...

Ditto! Anything fun or good is usually backed by something that is the opposite. Having fun costs money, eating sweets cost one her hips, and being lazy/unproductive... well, we all know where that takes us ;)

Vidya said...

Change is always good, my friend! :D Don't be afraid!


Anu said...

wot happened? no new post since long !

Shakhi said...

Hey!Kolkata is not that bad a place yaar! Though when I came here even I wasn't in love with this place, but before I realized I had learnt to love it.

The Anonymous said...

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