Monday, August 10, 2009


I am well aware of the fact that the monthly readership of this blog is restricted to me, my sister (I beg of her to read this) and the software engineer from Bangalore (now that’s a cliché) who doesn’t say much but just writes “Loved your post keep them coming” followed by his blog’s url. Bottomline you will be more interested in reading the autobiography of “A K Hangal” than this blog, but to live up to the name of this place, I am still alive.
First things first I have completed one year in the big bad corporate world and till now successfully survived the downturn. When paycuts were as common as Mayawati’s statues in UP, also words like downsizing and cost control looked like “starring Oscar nominated” in a firm’s annual report. But to be fair my bank didn’t retort to such cheap gimmicks and they successfully retained almost all of us. So what if the stock prices are lower than a movie ticket but as long as I am getting paid enough to buy those movie tickets I am not losing any sleep over this.
But one thing, which can’t get out of my head is, I lost one of my most prized possessions for a long time, my Iphone. Oh yes the 8 Gb sleekest and coolest looking chic magnet phone. I know all of you must have lost a phone in your life, when it comes to phones we all have a story to share and here is mine…………… main aur mere mobile.
I still remember my first cell-phone, my parents went to DILLI and got me a silver colour Panasonic the year was 2002 (first year engineering), though the cell phone was as big as the dairy milk bar in “Aaj Pheli tareek hai (love the ad)”, the blue display was something I loved the most. My father at that time sported a Nokia which helped him to build his biceps that too unintentionally, so I myself felt on the top of this world. Snake was so outdated as I had a cool ball rolling game and Bipasha Basu was the brand ambassador and that’s not all. The antenna wait for it ……………………was not there. On the whole one of the best gifts to have after getting into an engineering college. Some of my batchmates had flap phones and some NRI kids flaunted their alcatel mobiles but I loved my phone. That phone stayed with me for almost 2 years. One frightful evening I was coming back from the class and suddenly it started raining I tried to cover my phone by hiding it under my windcheater but as you know Panasonic phones have a durability of less than that of a mosquito coil,………the display went off.My father got me a brand new colour display phone from Benq………………..oh what a mobile it was. That time Benq had the cheapest colour display mobiles and I was one of the 500 Indians who bought that phone (the phone was taken off within months because of horrible sales figures). The phone had polyphonic ringbones and was much sleeker and lighter than the Panasonic. But this was year 2005 and mobile industry had evolved a lot, people were talking about 1.3 megapixel cameras, net connectivity, mp3s etc. I never gave a damn as mobile phone’s utility was limited for me coz :- a) Most of my wingmates used to bunk lectures so all of my friend’s were mostly together, b) No hot girl used to call even after my desperate attempts of flashing my mobile number on Mumbai global chat and C with a capital. Only my parents and sisters used to call, mostly to scold me for falling grades and increasing ATM withdrawals But as people flaunted their speaker volumes and the cool FM radio things, I used to avoid taking in a public place, especially in the vicinity of the fairer sex. Not that I had a chance otherwise with them but even when death is inevitable how many people commit suicide, right? I somehow survived on that phone for a year, somebody stole that Benq phone from a canteen (can you beat that what a low self esteem guy to actually flick that phone). Around the same time I got through CAT and got into an MBA College.
Filled with the new excitement of buying a new phone I was tricked into buying a tata indicom’s flap phone (some nice marketing manager must be up there) and what a phone it was. Everytime somebody called me the phone used to go into Bappi Lahiri & mithunda mode yes I am talking about D-I-S-C-O mode. As the yellow, green blue and pink yes pink light started to go flashing with a ringtone which was pre loaded and that sounded like Anu Malik’s attempt to sing a bhajan. The camera quality was so great that all pictures looked like Xray slides. In most of the picture teeth were the only identifiable portions of one’s face. I identified my mistake within a month and sold off that phone for a loss of 50%. Feeling guilty for that loss I bought the cheapest available nokia 1100, the snake on that phone is the best mobile game ever :)………..
When I went back at the end of first year my father gifted me the newly launched Nokia N70music version, what a phone it was but as is the common thing with Nokia phones, within 3 months that phone was outdated and prices were slashed by 50%. I was heartbroken as the 1.3 Megapixel camera was substituted by 3 megapixel cameras and sound quality was getting better and screen size was getting bigger day by day. I thought I am not gonna buy an expensive phone again as no matter which phone you buy, after sometime they all feel like bell bottom trousers in the age of denim.
But then came Feb 2009 and on my birthday my friends gifted me an Iphone and it was love at first sight………I knew this phone will make time stop as it can never be old, this phone will be janam janam ka saath and this phone will put the S back into STYLE. But one day I lost it, how and when it doesn’t matter what matters is that I lost it. I don’t want to write anymore coz it breaks my heart to even think about it….....................


A guy from Bangalore (not a software engg :) ) said...

Loved your post. Keep them coming :)

kaa said...

ankit you are hilarious, man !! enjoyed your posts :)

Dr. Priyanka said...

ur very first line prompted me 2 commment....though will read it more patiently some other day.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...


That was funny man :P

Good that you were able to save your job.My MBA is about to get its my turn to get with Naukri Pakdo aandolan.

Anonymous said...

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