Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Wing treat 25th sept 04

This was mainly started as a B'day treat of few guys n Ingale's G Sec treat but ended in the end even i gave money for My Manager treat
Well this was a treat which was not preplanned but we decided in the morning to shoot off .Our destination Le meridien .Well i normally enjoy these buffets but that day i was not in the mood but the wingies decision over shawdowed mine Sandy was not in the treat (n no marks for guessing why).So we left the hostel gupta robin n lappu had few shots of Old Monk b4 leaving we were in GUPTOS listening to Linkin park then suddenly it started raining heavily.But by then it was 11 pm so we were forced to leave.Well my self n gupta left on the bike n we reached a bit earlier to make a confirmation of our booking.
Now if its a buffet u have to eat to the fullest.You push urself to the limits to squeeze out teh last chunk of space in ur tummy n we also followed the age old tradition.
well finally it all ended well although our budget overhhoted a bit but with all the fun we had it was nuthin

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