Tuesday, September 21, 2004

20th september Mid sems over

So now the midsems were over all we needed was a great blast , so we planned an outing to kihim beach which is like 12 Km ahead of alibag. we were 11 eleven guys of my wing(SUBZERO) we left mumbai at 12 pm in the afti n had our lunch at laxmi then left for CST frm kanjur .The next part of the journey consisted of the ferry ride it was amaing .The sea looks as if it is extended upto Infinity with the waves hittin the steamer which makes it vowel n now i know wat a sea saw maens in it true sense.We reached to mandwa beach by teh ferry n then to kihim beach at 7 :30 pm via road........We rented a room for one night we dumped our stuff n jumped off to teh beach .Wat a lovely sight in the night the moonlight was adding a diff aura to teh whole scenario.
Then we had our dinner in teh morning time we left early for teh beach to enjoy the serene beauty with the early sunrays.
Rishi n narbhakshi were all the time drinkin n were tryin to go to the deeper n deeper side of teh sea on the other hand SHOO was standing on the shore n was tryin to swim ....altough his six feet height was not adding to his confidence , Sinha was busy in floating Sandy was makin some awesome dives n our lappu was again induldged in pondygiri.When Pondy was there how can u miss his fundaes like always frm 29 to the beach this guy was talking abt everything.lapsy was calm n silent kapil is junta's buddy so he cared fro everyone frm takin care of teh money to the pillows this guy was always thereNow comes MUNNA so he enjoyed his Vodka n his sleepy night n day.

overall best way to celebrate the end of mid sem terror

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