Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year Resolutions

As the sun sets on 2007 and as a new day begins of 2008, as the memories fade away ….time calls for a new year’s post. As our nation’s brave men reproduce to create a whole lot of 5 European countries every year I thought it’s my time to take some brave steps and put my life right back on track.
So I promised myself and the short Chinaman in Bangladesh Juan-Hu-Tab, who by the way is my blog’s only regular reader apart from me, that I will change all the things which are going wrong in my life.
Subash Ghai is directing a movie in 2008, India has to play two more tests in Australia, and Balaji productions is still making money. So you see there are enough things to be afraid of in 2008. Anyways, here are my resolutions for 2008:-
A special drink:
- Remember when you were a little kid and the coolest thing in life was Jackie Chan’s summersaults or Akshay Kumar’s flying kicks. Well on similar lines since the time I was able to relate with drinking I always thought James Bond style of ordering drinks is the coolest. I might develop something like “ One JD with a dash of lime” or “Double Scotch on the rocks”. Well I have already started working on it and soon I will be as cool as them :P. In the process surely I will get drunk once in a while and again look back to my Dad’s ATM n say “Thank you for everything”

Get a Good job no no wait get a JOB:-
Within two months my placements are gonna start and soon enough there will be blood bath. My father invested a lot in my studies and its time to prove him that all his money has not gone wasted like the money which Ayesha Takia spent on her boob job. Since I spent all my MBA in the back benches sleeping away to glory and cogging my assignments even Rakhi Sawant would be able to guess my state in the job scenario. But I read it in The Economic Times that MBA guarantees a decent job so I m gonna sue its editor if I will become an exception.

Lose some weight: -
Okay this is one thing about which I never thought before. In fact never ever this thought came to my mind that the situation will get so worse that I will have to make it a resolution. But when my final year graduation’s jeans in which I used to slide in swiftly. Then suddenly every stitch of that very same jeans was crying out loud when I tried to put it on. I knew all those pizza slices and beer pints have started to show their effect. I want to avoid all those embarrassing moments when I will have to ask the guy standing next to the jeans counter with “May I Help you” tag on their shirt “Excuse me! Where can I find 32”. The whole fear of upgrading from 30 waist size to a 2 inches higher waist size has forced me to put this thing in my resolution list.

Bunk last class of my MBA:-
I started my IIT days by bunking my very first class. That was purely unintentional the class was at 8:30 in the morning and my alarm clock stopped and one thing led to another and I woke up at 9. But this accident made me realize the fun of bunking a class. Since then I have bunked classes for games, for my friends for quizzes and even for the lift of my hostel not working. So I ended IIT days by bunking the last class. Here I missed the golden chance of bunking in the beginning but since then I have improved a lot and I will end my not so shiny student career again by bunking the last class.

Visit Sikkim:- Its been one and a half year since I am in Calcutta and I had my fair share of free time to kill to sabotage and hang. Still I missed the chance of visiting Sikkim. Two times we booked ticket and due to some reason we had to cancel our tickets. So now I have decided whether my friends will accompany me or not I will go there at any cost

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gunj said...

aah cool resolutions thr!
realistic fo sure!:)
gud luck!

Hammett said...

nice resolutions.... hope u would stick to those.. :)
by the way.. i still admire, jackie chan's cool stunts.... hehe.. ;) cheers!!

Brat said...

Good luck with your resolutions dude! As for the "special" drink part, get on martinis....they're Bond style! ;-)

Anu said...

hilarious read..oh man im feeling nostalgic...student lyf is really one of the nicest phase of our whole tension..n above all u can be urself...all d best buddy 4 placements...prove urself so that i can say 1 of my frnds is bada babu in an unchee si building :p :p

germinal dreamer said...

realistic and very feasible..
thats being cunningly wise!

Gazal said...

now your blog is a living proof that you resolved to achieve a few things....a constant reminder...

good luck with all of them....

p.s sikkim is a must.

Amazing Greys said...

must do the last one...sikkim is beautiful. i think i'll get inspired & copy your first resolution. =D

Sue said...

Happy New Year... good luck with your resolutions!

EYE said...

Good luck:)

Priyankari said...

HapPy New Year! And best of luck for your resolutions!

Nice post :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

I like your conversational style. PS: you've two 'regular' readers :D

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

when i started reading it i thought it is going to be just another post of those boring resolution but hey... awesome post! :-)
I like how you approach the "resolutions" :)

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Dear in this new year you ambitions are very good keep it up through out the year and keep on doing

ramakrishnan said...

landed here hopping here and there.
Best of luck with your resolutions.

panu said...

OMG you too about sikkim! I have had to cancel my sikkim trip twice too. Once in 2006 december, and the other in june 2007. This time i am going places. I am going to bangalore.